Selkirk Management LLC

Stewart Strawbridge and the remaining two founding partners of Selkirk Management LLC collectively possess over 20 years of experience as equity investors. Stewart Strawbridge takes pride in the fact that, within its first five years, his firm has outperformed the market.

Globally focused, Selkirk Management concentrates on long-short investments. (Long selling assumes that a security will rise in value, whereas short selling anticipates that the value will fall.) By identifying companies that will perform well over time, this strategy is designed to produce positive long-term results.

Selkirk Management looks at many factors that make a particular equity an attractive investment, including potential performance brought about by an innovative business model or new developments in technology, the economy, or society. Selkirk Management also studies the effect of new regulations.

This philosophy encourages the partners to act as if they owned the companies. The intent of Stewart Strawbridge and his partners is to earn significant, long-term, tax-efficient returns.


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