Skiing Tips for Beginners

An allocation expert for over ten years, Stewart Strawbridge currently allocates capital for a family office. Stewart Strawbridge leads an active lifestyle, with skiing being one of his favorite activities.

Learning to ski can be a difficult task, and the best way is to learn from a skilled instructor. However, there are some tips that may help supplement lessons and accelerate the learning process:

• Choose your resort carefully. Many resorts cater to more experienced skiers, and may not have trails appropriate for learning skiers.

• Consider your equipment options. For the most part, low-end equipment will serve beginners just as well as the expensive stuff. However, in the case of boots, buying a more expensive pair may provide you with added comfort.

• Learn to fall. Falling is part of learning how to ski. In fact, many experts stress the helpfulness of falling early in the learning process, so skiers see that it generally is not as scary as it seems.

• Be brave. Some runs may seem impossible at first, but challenging yourself is one of the best ways to enhance your skills.


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