The Maryland Hunt Cup – The Most Difficult Race in America

Maryland Hunt Cup pic
Maryland Hunt Cup pic
Maryland Hunt Cup

Stewart Strawbridge, a managing member of Selkirk Partners, analyzes current market trends on behalf of his clients. With a long heritage in horse racing, Stewart Strawbridge owns a prize-winning horse named Guts for Garters that earned the coveted Maryland Hunt Cup in 2014.

Known as the most challenging horse race in America, the Maryland Hunt Cup features 22 jumps spread across four miles of rigorous terrain in Baltimore County’s Worthington Valley. A steeplechase, the Maryland Hunt Cup follows in the Irish tradition of racing across the countryside, jumping over any obstacle along the way. In Ireland, participants raced from one church steeple to another. Though steeples don’t appear along the route of the Maryland Hunt Cup, the race is just as frenzied and exciting as the races that took occurred in Ireland long ago.

Begun in 1894 when two local fox hunts challenged each other to a friendly contest, the Maryland Hunt Cup takes place each year on the last Saturday in April. Today, family members and friends join in the festive atmosphere on race day, bringing picnics and cheering on their favorite horse and amateur jockey. In 2016, the purse for the event was increased to $100,000 for the winning horse.


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