The Vermont 50 – A Bike Race to Remember

Vermont 50 Image:
Vermont 50


As a managing member of Selkirk Partners, an investment advisory firm founded in 2008, Stewart Strawbridge evaluates market trends, researches stock selections, and manages portfolios. An avid mountain biker when not performing these activities on behalf of his clients, Stewart Strawbridge has competed in the Vermont 50, a high-intensity 50-mile mountain bike race, on multiple occasions.

Organized to benefit Vermont Adaptive Ski and Sports, a charitable organization that provides sports and other recreational activities to individuals with disabilities, the Vermont 50 was established by Laura Farrell in 1993. The race takes place during the last weekend of September on a beautiful stretch of New England landscape that both challenges and inspires the bikers and runners who participate.

The race begins at Ascutney Mountain Resort and continues for 50 miles through rugged terrain on private property that has been opened for the annual event. Although the trails have historically been muddy, the aesthetic appeal of the course is arguably unparalleled.

The mountain bike portion of the race accommodates three levels of bikers, ages 12 and up: novice, sport, and expert. The race fee includes breakfast, a post-race meal, a T-shirt, and festivities. Prizes are awarded to the top three male and top three female finishers.


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