The Vermont 50 Attracts Over 1,300 Endurance Athletes Each Year

Vermont 50 pic
Vermont 50 pic
Vermont 50

Since establishing Selkirk Partners in 2008, Stewart Strawbridge has served as managing member of an investment firm focused on generating returns through a combination of long and short equities. In his free time, Stewart Strawbridge enjoys horse racing, flying single- and multi-engine planes, and participating in such events as the Vermont 50 Mountain Bike or Ultra-Run.

Founded by Laura Farrell in 1993, the Vermont 50 is an annual endurance race that takes place the last Sunday in September at the Ascutney Mountain Resort in Brownsville, Vermont. Since its founding, the Vermont 50 has grown from a small event with only a handful of participants into a popular race that attracts more than 1,300 bikers and runners each year.

Those who participate in the Vermont 50 make their way along a scenic and challenging 50-mile course that climbs to nearly 9,000 feet and includes a combination of paved roads, gravel paths, and mountain trails. Alternatively, participants can choose to take on the 50-kilometer course, which while less challenging still requires significant endurance to complete.

In addition to giving athletes the opportunity to test their mettle, the Vermont 50 raises money for Vermont Adaptive Ski and Sports, a nonprofit that helps people with disabilities gain independence through recreational activities. Those looking to participate can look forward to the 25th annual Vermont 50, which will take place September 24, 2017. For more information, visit


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