The Challenges of the Maryland Hunt Cup


Maryland Hunt Cup pic
Maryland Hunt Cup

Investment and real estate management professional Stewart Strawbridge currently serves as a managing member of Selkirk Partners, a firm he co-founded in 2008. Outside of work, he has competed as a steeplechase jockey, a tradition in his family going back four generations. In 2007 Stewart Strawbridge rode his horse, The Bruce, in the Maryland Hunt Cup and won, more than 100 years after his great-grandfather rode in the same event.

The 2007 Maryland Hunt Cup was the 111th event in the race’s history. Organizers of the race have described it as the oldest and most physically harrowing of the nation’s four-mile-long timber races. With posts rising to levels approaching 5 feet, it is also the race featuring the highest and most intimidating fence jumps. Horses and riders leap over a series of timber fences, a feat made even more challenging in the 2007 event due to recent rain.

The Bruce was trained in the timber race by Mr. Strawbridge’s sister, making the contest even more of a family affair. Just before the Maryland Hunt Club win, the horse placed fourth at the Grand National.


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